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Panoramic view from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, Montana


This website is a resource for ultralightweight and lightweight backpacking gear selection and packing, as well as for canoe and kayak camping that may include portage.

I have written and compiled this website because of my experiences with lightweight and ultralightweight gear, and, because of my experiences in and around Mountain Rescue I want people to have safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences.

To begin, move slowly, have short trips before an ambitious trip.

The SITE should help you find what you are looking for.

Gear Purge #1

It isn't always necessary to purchase the brand name item: look for the features.

I recommend having minimum essentials for being able to stay out overnight.

If you are going for a short walk have a waistpack, rucksack or small pack with what you need for an overnight bivouac.

Even a short paddle on the lake may require you run for the nearest shore. Even if overturned, have a tether with a dry-bag with food, water and gear for overnight.

Think things through as much as possible, in advance, utilizing the abundant information available here and elsewhere.

If you haven't thought this through, start here for understanding proven essentials for this kind of independent recreation.

There is considerable resource here. If all this seems overwhelming right now, better here than out on the trail.

If you do not read my 10 Essentials - The Systems Approach, you are missing out on a sensible and practical approach to the 10 Essentials.

If you would rather read a book, I can recommend: The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide.

For the impatient, I have a shortcut to the last page right here.

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