Lightweight and Ultralightweight Backpacking

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The Backpack: volume

I consider 30-45 liter a large pack for lightweight backpacking and anything less than
25 liters too little volume even for ultralight backpacking to be reasonably well provided for.

However, a classic rucksack, a large shoulderbag, or a large waist pack or lumbar pack can be ample for walking away from your car and having the minimum essentials necessary for overnight I have described in detail at the 10 essentials pages, that would include select lightweight and low volume items from among the choices I describe on this website.

For consideration of pack size, use this comparison: 3,660 ci - 60 liter, 3,500 ci - 57.4 liter, 3,200 ci - 50 liter, 3000 ci - 49 liter, 2950 ci - 47 liter, 2746 ci - 45 liter, 1885 ci - 30.9 liter, 1650 ci - 27 liter, 1750 ci - 25 liter.

That said, I presently use a 2440 ci - 40 liter pack. I have what I need.

My gear inside the pack is ultralight in weight and low volume.

When you know the weight and volume of what you have selected to carry in the pack, you are ready to purchase a backpack. If you purchase the backpack first, you will tend to fill it, if only to get started. The selections you make will be quickly compromised because it isn't simple to find and purchase high quality ultralightweight or lightweight and low volume gear.

The pack manufacturer will list the weight the pack is designed to carry. If not, an online review, or forum, will reveal the weight the pack will comfortably carry.

To assist you to select a pack, consider using an online weight and volume conversion tool, like this and quickly compare ci or cu. in. to L or liters, for example, or grams to ounces or pounds.

If you are fine with carrying a pack up to 30 pounds, go up to a pack designed for that weight, taking into account increased pack volume and features no doubt you will find necessary. Higher pack loads are the subject of expeditions, in my opinion. I am here for the lightweight and ultralight backpacker.

If you must carry a high volume pack, use that pack to carry high volume items.

Do not have heavy weight items.

I will soon add low weight larger volume packs at Products gear because pack makers are now producing this type of pack, for the higher volume lightweight winter season. I want to see pack reviews and ask more questions in the forums.

My reasonable goal, for you, is a base weight of 10 pounds.

When you have acquired for the most part ultralight backpacking equipment and the rest is lightweight gear, you may be ready to try the high volume Gossamer Gear G4 pack for ultralight backpacking. I have heard that this pack is strong, however it has not been tested for bushwacking, for example, because it is intended for "on trail" use.

This means, do not set it down on sharp rocks or drag under logs.

The ultimate point of lightweight and ultralightweight backpacking is practicality, not thoughtlessly shaving ounces or grams.


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