Lightweight and Ultralightweight Backpacking

The View from Here
Panoramic view from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, Montana

How do you make adequate shelter?

The lightweight tarp properly setup can be a start. This is not heavy, nor bulky, to carry. There is a mummy sleeping bag style rescue blanket available. With the extra clothing you brought, these three can make adequate shelter.

Is the water safe?

There is little safe water. Recognize unsafe water. Filter and purify the water you will drink. Stay hydrated. Water is more important than food.

What is useful clothing for the outdoors?

The heat you generate with your own body is important for survival. Is the clothing you wear and the extra clothing you bring helping keep and regulate your own natural central heating?

How will you eat?

Everyday food and emergency food are not identical. Everyday food is often not nourishing food. Emergency food often has to be warming nourishing food.

How do you make a cooking fire?

The small fire, often made with reasonably dry sticks, no bigger around than your own fingers, is a cooking fire.

How do you make a warming fire?

The heat you generate with your own body is important for survival. External heat only supplements the internal warmth you preserve with suitable clothing. Nevertheless, you may need supplemental heat and to make a warming fire.

How do you think you will rescue yourself?

What are your orienteering skills? Will you get yourself back out?

How will you manage without a 1st aid kit?

Not difficult to have the small items on hand for small incapacitating injuries, or mishap, to be prepared.

How do you think you will get help?

Do you have the means to signal for help?

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