Lightweight and Ultralightweight Backpacking

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Packing: difficult items

The Cascade Designs Platypus containers are for liquids. All Platypus containers pack flat and the excess air inside can be squeezed out so the liquid inside will not slosh.

Their Big Zip LP is an excellent replacement for the hydration system you may already have, because it has a flat profile and silver-ion antimicrobial to help keep it fresh.

JetFlow has an interesting design and materials, allowing is to go thru the dishwasher to keep the entire hydration system clean. Their JetFlow Eagle Kit allows you to assemble your own system.

Inside my backpack, I have the Big Zip LP. On the outside, I have the 1-liter PlusBottle. I am, however, considering that new design for hydration. Perhaps, I may utilize the same components.

Inside my backpack, the cookset I have organized includes a cut-down-to-size scrubbie and put a small Lightload travel towel to keep the little items I have put inside from rattling around.

The big exception for inside the baclpack, of course, is the stove and fuel. Previously worn socks or just washed socks may be in this category. This is a good argument for quick-dry socks and gloves or outer mittens.

These items go in outside pockets, and wet socks and gloves may go in outside mesh pockets, or, if securely attached, hang off the outside of the pack.

I have used a waistpack, I would wear around in front for convenience, for easy walking on groomed forest trails for my gourmet cooking gear, using the Outback Oven Ultralight system. The components are purchased separately, of course. This is easier, now, with Backpacker Pantry accessories. The entire gourmet kitchen, stove, fuel, and cooking pot items can fit in a waistpack.

The backpacker cookset need not include baking. There is pan bread. There is bannock. Nevertheless, there are baking systems available, now. Here is an example:

In any event, fuel should be carried separate from the pack, at least outside the pack, in a leakproof container just in case it does leak.

In an attempt to find the ideal a backpacker stove, I have purchased just about every stove for backpacker's in the marketplace. I also have just about every white gas and multifuel backpacking stove sold.

Not one stove and external fuel bottle system worked without considerable effort.

Due to that experience, I started to avoid all component metal stoves, large-size cookware systems, and hard-edge fuel containers.


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