Lightweight and Ultralightweight Backpacking

The View from Here

Panoramic view from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, Montana

Packing a canoe or kayak

For canoeing or kayaking, packing volume is almost more important than weight distribution fore and aft.

For this camping, a canoe or kayak can carry any reasonably low volume items I may want to have, like my heavier 0°F synthetic sleepingbag.

This is for camping, for the early season breakup.

I also use the spectacular silver and magenta Black Diamond Equipment Betamid shelter. These are low volume items for sleep and shelter.

Have a look at this nice web page Top has for packing your sit-on-top kayak for camping, and touring. The comrmation found there applies equally well to other kayaks or a canoe used camping or touring.

Travel by canoe or kayak can use lightweight and ultralightweight backpacking principles: at times of low water flow you may have to portage.

The kayaker may plan trips involving portage, like canoeists.

At times like this, lightweight equipment is desireable.

In addition, it is true that any canoe or kayak that sits in the water on it's design lines, and not too low in the water, handles better.

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