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My listings are to get you off to a good start.

I have pointed you at excellent outdoor clothing and gear you may not know existed.

I list cottage industry lightweight and ultralightweight clothing and gear, that started out by designing, making, and, selling and becomming a small business, or, have become a rather large business to this niche market of smarter end-product users.

I list the established outdoor product manufacturers serving this aspect of outdoor adventure.

The selections here are representative of the features and qualities to look for.

Once you have set your sights on a desired product, you may purchase online direct or locate the manufacturer's retail stores or find the product at online stores retailing their products, perhaps at discount.

Patagonia Product Care has helpful advice for cleaning, including stains or tree pitch. Patagonia recommends Granger's clothing care products for performance.

REI lists Rainwear: Gore-Tex Care for membrane or pu-coated fabrics that will help to prolong the life of the garment. DWR is recommended for the outer surface.

The best thing you can do for membrane or pu-coated products is wear a turtleneck or a mock-turtleneck half-zip long-sleeve top and select a jacket with ample features for ventilation, having pit-zips or side-zips and a two-way jacket zipper, so you do not ruin these popular outdoor fashion garments with sweat.

I have links further on in this website, to quite different fabrics and material systems to keep warm and dry inside and keep your clothing warm and dry inside for backpacking.

You can read about these fabrics and how it works here.

I especially like REI Rainwear: Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Care instructions for all DWR treated fabrics, because there is no membrane or pu-coating to "clog" and you can apply or wash the DWR back into the garment yourself with DWR product.

Both Nikwax and McNett make DWR treatment and Nikwax and McNett maintenance down wash products for home use.

Here is a video showing how to use McNett ReviveX Down Cleaner and apply McNett ReviveX Durable Waterproofing to a down sleeping bag.

I would take care to evenly apply the DWR over the entire outer top of the sleeping bag.

McNett - How to Wash a Down Sleeping Bag

I also like wind shirts or shell jackets of fabrics that shed damp mist and wet weather, and wind. I list the best I find.

I list nylon supplex, because it sheds a light rain and nylon supplex will walk-dry.

I list other fabric and products, that shed water.

If you do see a cuben fiber product, consider purchase. It has become a proven product.

I have made selections true to the principles of my website: outstanding fabric, outstanding cut and design for backpacking, in particular, and, outstanding features for the overall weight.

Nearly every product is available for men or women. If the product for women isn't as good as the product for the man, I do not list it.

I use the actual product name. I have provided direct links everywhere possible.

Look around their websites, when you do look in. Look around to find more great gear.

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