Lightweight and Ultralightweight Backpacking

The View from Here

Panoramic view from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, Montana

The Statement of Purpose

This is the purpose of this special interest website:

I just want you to go straight to the good information and the good products, before getting bad information and purchasing the not-so-good products, and then, believe all adventure sport and especially all backpacking has to be a difficult ordeal.

There are similiar products I have not listed, and I will list, that have similiar features and qualities, that have the best fabric or material for the purpose combined with the best insulation for the purpose, and are lightweight, and will pack to a low volume and overall size. If I find them, I will list them. For the most part, I am doing that research for you.

I have listed and discussed choices among products generally only known to the experienced lightweight and ultralight backpackers, mountaineers, and canoe and kayakers. I consider that part my primary task.

The items I have selected represent the best clothing or equipment for the limited purpose of backpacking or trekking, or similiar outdoor activities. I do not list specialized clothing or equipment for extremes of winter.

There are so many manufacturers and suppliers of quality products for our purposes.

If they have the features I have emphasized, they are altogether excellent regardless of the retail price.

Do not pass up a bargain, because it is a bargain.

If a link is not already provided in a paragraph or a list, the product names are correct for "googling" at that search engine and will return a first page result.

I have links inside content only to navigate around this website, or, when the product link or website referral would be ambiguous and you might not be able to locate that product or that website easily.

There are page links to each major section of this website, under the panorama photo on every page heading.

There is a SITE listed there, as well, to help find your way around the website.

There are more than 150 pages. There are off-site links on every page.

There are more excellent products out there to find. I am actively updating the website and happily more products will be added, because the manufacturers of products for backpacking, cottage industries for backpacking, and, outdoor products stores are interested in lightweight and ultralight products.

There are excellent products in cross-sports stores and at discount stores.

I am providing information on the features and the fabrics to look for.

I have adding mountaineering information, because there are a few extra safety precautions inexperienced people need to know and backpackers hiking in the high mountains need some of this information.

I put so much information and so many products on this website because there is so much you may not have previously known.

There is always room for more outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

The outdoors is a very big place.

I have added canoe and kayak camping information, because canoe or kayak camping is built on backpacking and mountaineering practices and principles and, well, I canoe and I kayak.

I even have off-site links for conditioning for backpacking.

For people that may have only walked to and from their car, there is advice for strengthening ankles for hiking, so you do not need to wear over the ankle hiking boots. If you have an old ankle injury, you might consider an ankle wrap with velcro closures meant to be worn inside the shoe. I have. I did. Now, I don't need to do that.

I am not a substitute for a medical advice from a qualified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist or other specialist. However, I have been injured (every time, the injuries have been in an urban environment) and I have training for Mountain Rescue, so I do have experience.

My website is intended to be a resource, not more, not less.

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