Lightweight and Ultralightweight Backpacking

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Panoramic view from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, Montana


Here are recipes, helpful for developing your recipes for travel.

To adapt the recipes to backpacking, use dry ingredients for whole or skim milk, freeze-dried cream, freeze-dried whole eggs, or egg substitute, real butter that has been flash-dried, or ghee, and whole powdered buttermilk I have listed that is sold online, or, may be found in your locale.

I recommend Nature's First Full Cream Milk Powder.

Next, try the recipe at home.

It is possible to mix dry ingredients on the trail, but that can be messy.

While backpacking, have all the dry ingredients inside a plastic bag ahead of time, if possible, and then, in the campsite add the liquid ingredients and knead the plastic bag to achieve any mixing that may be necessary.

Then, try the recipe with your backpacking stove system that has a good simmer, or is set up for baking, and either shake or turn the pan 1/4 turn to avoid burning.

If where you backpack and camp "open-fires" are allowed, try the recipe on a suitably sized small cooking fire and white ash-covered coals.

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